Make paper flowers

Make paper flowers

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Make paper flowers

Simple to make and very figurative, paper flowers are an ornament that embellishes the home, making it more colorful and cheerful. Creating them can become a real hobby.

Material to use

To make paper flowers, few materials are needed, most of which can be found at home. This hobby can also become a practical way to recycle papers and newspapers that would otherwise be thrown away.
Any type of paper can be used, the choice of the primary material must be made on the basis of manual capabilities, for example crepe paper is very simple to work as it is elastic and its flexibility allows to create pretty curls without particular difficulty, while cotton or rice paper and tissue paper need more manual skills. The choice of paper is very subjective, in addition to the manual there is also the economic aspect to consider. Certainly as a hobby it is one of the least expensive but some types of paper, if purchased in stationery or in specialized shops, can cost several euros, instead with the recycling of gift wrap or newspaper the cost is zero.
Besides the paper of different colors other materials are the scissors and the cutter. The scissors to use should always be thin and round-tipped, so as not to risk getting hurt and usurable even with children, thus making them participate in our hobbies. The cutter is used to cut the wire that will be used for the stem, in the absence of a cutter any other gardening tool is fine, such as pliers, the wire is easy to find, it is preferable to use colored wire from gardening, it can be found in any DIY store, hobby shop or in large stores dedicated to gardening. If there is no wire, you can use a green adhesive tape, roll it up on itself to create a long filament, or even more simply a wooden stick. The ideal adhesive tape is the one for florists, more commonly known by the name of gutta-percha, it is preferable to buy the thinner one more or less 18 mm and green, it exists also in other shades, but the green is simpler to camouflage. And finally a classic stapler.

Proceeding and implementation

The flowers that can be made are many and of different shapes and sizes. The simplest and most common flower to make is the crepe paper rose.
First you need wire or wooden sticks.
Put at one of the two ends a bit of glue or transparent Scotch tape, cut long strips of papier-mache, preferably green, fold it in two to make it more resistant, and start rolling it near the wire or wooden sticks starting on the opposite side of the fold. Proceed the operation for the entire length of the thread twice, once this operation is over you must firmly weld the base with your fingers, stopping it with a bit of glue or tape. To embellish the stem making it even more realistic you need to create leaflets. Take the crepe paper of the same color as the previously coated star, and cut some leaves, shape them with your hands, and on the back, apply the wire so that you can fix them on the stem with paper tape.
To create the rose, start from the petals, take a strip of crepe paper of the color you prefer and cut a strip ten eight centimeters high and fifty centimeters wide, choose a side that will be the upper one and spread it with your hands. Pull the end to create the curl, preferably curve slightly outwards. To facilitate the work you can use a wire or a pencil, always roll the paper outwards holding the paper in this position for a few minutes so as to quickly take the shape. To make the rose, take the previously worked strip, roll it up on itself keeping the base firm and closed, proceed until you get a sort of flower, close the work with simple paper tape, possibly green, adjust it with your hands trying to enlarge it as much as possible.
Once the flower has been created, take the stem and insert it in the center of the base of the flower itself, to complete the whole wrap the schoch between the base of the flower and the stem to create thickness and make the flower even more realistic.
Other flowers that are very simple to make and of various shapes are the flowers of vellum paper or other recycle paper. The realization of the stem is always the same, only the procedure for making the flower changes. Take tissue paper or recycled paper of any kind such as gift wrap or newspaper or magazine sheets. The sheets must be rectangular in shape, fold the sheet in half, cut a strip of paper from the side of the fold to obtain two equal halves, fold the two sheets together as an accordion starting from the shorter side, cut the entire length after bending pointy end, take the previously cut strip, twist it on itself creating a cord, with the paper string tie the folded paper in half, fan it well with a couple of knots, open the flower, remove the two sheets below and above, and join the two ends.
With the same technique, flowers of different shapes can be made, in fact if the end is cut rather than rounded in shape, the flower will look different.

Making paper flowers: use

The most common use of paper flowers is the display, perhaps in a vase as a table centerpiece. In fact, those who do not have a green thumb can hold paper flowers at home, and a clay vase can be used to make the effect even more realistic. But there are also other uses, a very original idea is to decorate gift objects such as a box, for the more vain ones paper flowers can be applied to necklaces or close to hair bands. Widely used also to decorate the girls' rooms, removing the stem and keeping only the corolla, it is enough to apply molletton or double-sided schocho to adorn the walls, the mirrors, the curtains and the paintings