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Cherry pollination

Cherry pollination

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Question: cherry

I own two adult cherry trees and I particularly love this fruit, only I can rarely have fruits in abundance, lots of flowers but then for irregular springs or other causes only a few flowers hold up. question: there is product to better attach the flowers and which ones and when to give them, thank you in advance.

Cherry pollination: Answer: cherry

Dear Mario,
it often happens that the cherry trees produce few fruits; it may be a climate-related problem, as you suggest, because cherry trees that receive a lot of rain during flowering tend not to produce much fruit.
The other reason why some cherry trees do not bear fruit is due to the fact that they are self-fertile, which means that many varieties of cherry need to be pollinated by pollen from other cherry trees. And not just from other specimens, but from other varieties of cileigio. So it may be that your two cherry trees are of the same self-fertile variety. It is usually solved by placing a pollinator cherry next to these plants, the most typical being the Bigarreau variety, which besides being an excellent pollinator produces beautiful large and sweet fruits.
In addition to this, as you suggest, there are products based on plant hormones to promote fruit production; you will have to contact an agricultural consortium, however, and these products are not easy to dose and use and are not readily available on the market.