How to properly dry a hawthorn at home in the oven: how long and at what temperature?

How to properly dry a hawthorn at home in the oven: how long and at what temperature?

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With the height of summer, the hawthorn begins its active flowering - a shrub, almost all parts of which are used not only in food, but also for medicinal purposes. Dried flowers, leaves and berries are brewed with tea, used in the preparation of compotes and decoctions. It is often used for cosmetic purposes such as a skin lotion.

Hawthorn is known for its beneficial effect on general well-being, the state of the circulatory system, blood flow and vascular walls, reduces pressure, soothes the nerves, etc. To preserve hawthorn for the winter as a supply of vitamins, it is necessary to make a competent harvest.

To do this, you need to know when it is best to start picking, which parts of the plant are useful and which are harmful, whether a certain treatment is required for the berries, how much and under what conditions to dry the flowers. These nuances and details will allow you to preserve precious herbs for a long time and provide yourself with an excellent healing material for more than one year. Below we will consider in detail how to dry hawthorn at home in the oven, how to do it correctly, and what you need to know.

Can hawthorns be dried in the oven?

In addition to the traditional methods of drying hawthorn berries, they can be dried using household appliances that you can find at home, for example, using the oven. It is advisable to have an electric oven, tested by time and experience, with a moderate power in the kitchen.

So during drying, you will be sure that all hawthorn berries will be evenly deprived of moisture, and you will consume a minimum amount of electricity. For drying, both flowers, foliage, and the hawthorn berries themselves are suitable.

There is no fundamental difference whether it is bushes or wild. Wild hawthorn produces smaller and less sweet fruits, but when dried, they will bring no less benefit than cultivated garden varieties.

Step-by-step instruction

Now let's take a closer look at the process of drying hawthorn in the oven.

How to prepare?

Firstly carefully examine the plant for collection... Make sure that no part of the shrub, including the stems, is affected by pests, mold, or disease. At the slightest hint of the presence of larvae, gray or "rusty" plaque, blackening on the leaves and other lesions, it is better to refuse to collect this particular hawthorn bush.

Start bush watching in Mayto pick ripe flowers in time, while unblown buds are still growing. The collection should be carried out in warm, dry weather. The rainy season, morning or evening is not suitable for this - excessively high humidity, due to which the flowers will dry much longer. Lush inflorescences (corymbose and separate groups of buds) carefully cut with a knife or pruner, and fold separately from the leaves in a wicker basket or any dry container.

Next, the collected flowers are laid out on a paper towel or parchment for drying in a dark, dry place (most often the attic is used). In one layer, the flowers are dried no longer than a day. Remember to cover them with a layer of clean gauze cloth. It will protect the hawthorn from insects like fruit flies or food moths and keep out dust from settling.

As for the collection of the fruits themselves, the appropriate ripening period is from mid-August to the end of autumn. For drying, pick up ripe, dense berries that are not spoiled by any defects. High-quality berries have an even, rich yellow, orange or scarlet hue, reminiscent of arterial blood.

Naturally, ripe berries of any size are suitable, but small ones are better to dry separately from large ones - you will cope with the first ones much faster. The berries will need to be rinsed well in a colander under running water, wiped with napkins or a towel, and left to dry for a while, as is the case with flowers. Pre-drying will take from one day to several days.

Use a knife to peel off the stems and other branches of the fruit before drying in the oven. You do not need to remove the seeds - they will not be superfluous for tea, compote and other recipes.

What to dry with?

An electric oven (electric oven) is the best option, but if you have a gas oven, then all that remains is to slightly reduce the temperature, completely warm up the oven, and only then load the hawthorn berries there. You can spread the berries on a baking sheet or wooden plywood.

How long does it take to dry?

Probably many of you are asking the question: "How to dry hawthorn in the oven, what time is it?", The answer is quite simple - focus on the number and size of servings of hawthorn, then what parts of it you dry - berries or petals. It can take several hours to dry large fruits, and only one and a half hours to dry flowers and leaves.

Which mode?

Better to choose a moderate or low temperature regime. Hawthorn very sensitive to high temperatures and can simply fry, becoming useless. If there is a ventilation mode, then it would be nice to turn it on. Otherwise, be sure to leave the oven door a little ajar - so excess moisture can freely come out without accumulating on the berries.

At what temperature?

From the lowest possible temperatures choose approximately 50-70 ° C, based on the capabilities of household appliances (how to dry hawthorn in an electric dryer and microwave?). It is okay to increase the temperature a little if your oven is not too powerful. A temperature of 40 ° C is sufficient to dry other parts of the plant.

During drying, the berries will need to be mixed regularly and made sure that they do not burn or stick together. Therefore, on a baking sheet, you need to lay out the fruits at some distance from each other, in one layer.

How to determine readiness?

It is possible to determine readiness both in appearance and in the firmness of the pulp. Outwardly, the hawthorn will be shriveled, will decrease by almost 2-3 times, and will darken significantly.

Check the berries by touch, take a small handful in your palm and gently squeeze them together. If you feel that the hawthorn is sticking together, oozing with juice, or has not wrinkled enough, then it makes sense to leave it in the oven for more than an hour.

Perfectly dried product will be dry and pliable... The finished product is sieved and checked again for twigs, stalks and other small debris.

Store berries in paper bags and packages.protected from pests, humid warm air, foreign odors and room dust. In a suitable environment, dried hawthorns can last for about two to five years without spoiling at all.

As for dried inflorescences and leaves, such hawthorn can be stored in cardboard boxes lined with parchment or other paper, or linen bags. The room where you put your supplies should be dark, cool, with good circulation of fresh air.


Drying in the oven does not require serious preparation, much faster than natural drying in the attic or balcony, and allows you to save most of the nutrients of the hawthorn.

Before drying, the fruits are cleaned of stalks and other tails, washed well to protect you and your family from harmful microbes and bacteria. Do not leave freshly harvested hawthorn for a long time - peel it and dry it immediately.

Observe the temperature limits, do not let the berries burn and do not remove them from the oven ahead of time. This increases the risk of developing diseases or mold. Approach the question of what and where to store the resulting stocks no less responsibly. Now, knowing how to dry hawthorn at home in the oven, you can reliably preserve the miracle of the berry for long-term use.

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